move on! move on!

hola... finally i graduated from ainet institute of technology ^_^
i would like to thank to:
- for being a nice partners in working
- for being a good employer
- for a wonderful partnership so far

i apology for the inconvenience caused of my talkative attitude guys...

now i tried to be a good marketer at my new office..hope that i could learn more about thiz interesting area.. for thiz amazing opportunities, it is a must for me to thank to:
  • 4JJI ... million of unspoken and unwritten thanks
  • mbak dukun... 24hrs "tempat curhatan" services heuheuheu
  • my beloved maci for your support... je t'aime beaucoup mon beaux!!!
  • tonie... if you didn't ask me to accompany you at your interview session.. will i take thiz job?
  • jeng ade... much much much thanks for trusting me to replace you huhuhu
  • my new workmates ... hope we could be a best team guys !!!

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Ismeianto said...

Selamat, ya Jeng...mudah2an sukses di tempat yang baru...dan jangan nakal...

topan.27 said... sweet of seeing my name written on ur "thanking" blog. I thought that myself was definitely a part of ur current success...hiks4. so u owe me one.he4...

But u should remember, if u ask for balance again, hope it paid soon due to u've got the Marketing Manager...he4...success for u, centil

tired yo....(baca: cape deh)...