melting me

about teens years ago, i read an article published on famous gals magazine. the articles said that friends are classified into many types of food. i only remember one of them: ice cream. ice cream is my favorite, since it could replace milk that i can't drink *i think i hav a lactose intollerance probs * . when i felt in blue, i checked my pocket and if i found something to exchange with a scoop of dark choc ice cream, i'd go for it then after that i felt an extra ecstasy ... sluurp!

dunno what caused xtc: the choc effect or its low temperature but i always love it. sumtimes i think in a relationship or friendship i act as ice cream. know how? ice cream will deliver ya a better feeling when you are in thirst... it makes ya cool when you are in hot..

but.. check it what happened when you put it in a hi-temperature situation. correct! it will be melted before turned into gases. just like that, i've just melted after my best friend's wedding. i thought she has had a very happy life after met her prince.. she was very rare contacting me even for replying my short messages thru her mobile phone.. that's okay! friends are for sharing, then if you hav found mr rite to share your life with, friends hav no more function or at least it become useless. so.. why do i stay here?

i believe there are so many people living in thirst and need to shower with ... so lemme fly with the wind, finding them who need me?
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adhi prayatna said...

pengen sih ngomentarin, cuman males buka2 kamus ah

Anonymous said...

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