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brikut ini adalah tips yang bisa kamu aplikasikan sebelum kamu melamar belahan jiwa ... ooops! maksudnyah pekerjaan. fyi, hari gini udah ga jaman lagi ngirim cv alias daftar riwayat hidup. resume akan lebih disukai employer. apa itu resume dan gimana cara bikin resume yang bagus supaya dilirik sama employer? brikut ada tips yang dicontek dari website-nya ibm indonesia:

The first step in presenting yourself is to create a precise and easy to read resume that does the work for you. Always remember that the prospective employer has a short time to whiz through your resume, so they must be able to get a feel for you by scanning through powerful words on your resume.


  • Wherever possible, explain your experience/achievements in bullet form.
  • Highlight your major achievements up front so the prospective employer has an understanding of your level of expertise.
  • Focus on the detail of your most recent positions first, working back in time ie. 2000, 1999, 1998, etc. If your experience spans more than 10 years, do not elaborate on those jobs. Merely provide a run down of company name, dates worked and job title.
  • If you have any interests outside of work, list them in bullet points. Employers have an appreciation for well-balanced people who are able to contribute in a variety of ways to the overall environment.
  • Two referees' names should be provided with relevant contact details. Mention your relationship to the referee and number of years worked together. It is useful to remember that your most recent supervisors are the referees that are most frequently asked for.
  • Your resume should look something like this:
    • Personal details
    • Education/training
    • Professional experience
    • Other interests
    • Referees
  • The language you use must be sharp and concise. For instance, always start with an 'action verb' which indicates to the prospective employer that you have carried out the job at hand eg. coordinated a team of programmers, merged 2 companies, generated monthly reports, etc.
  • Explain your technical experience in specific terms. Ensure that all hardware and software you have worked on is mentioned in detail. You should also quantify your work as far as possible eg. managed a budget of $2m, managed a team of 10 programmers. This gives the prospective employer an idea of the scope of the projects you have worked on.
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